We lived in Murray Hill two blocks away from Curry in a Hurry.

I would climb out my window and smoke cigarettes on my “balcony” a.k.a fire escape.

I drank cosmos.

I had a pair of Lucci’s not Gucci’s in my closet.

We had a computer that took up half of our living room.

Ryan and I were already married for four years.

We made the decision to leave our jobs, me the Chef and catering company I was working for and Ryan the real estate company he was working for, empty our back account and start a catering company.

What should we call it?

“Mary Giuliani” Ryan said without thinking. I said, “OK”, without thinking back.

We turned our living room into an office, we printed out business cards and glued artichokes to them. 

Our nights were restless, our days were long and our weekends were epic. 

Our first intern showed up and Ryan and I were still in our pajamas at our computer (we shared the super big one for a few months) taking turns.

Stanley (our dog) was only two.

Our friends Andy and Barret were our first customers, booking an engagement party for March 8th, 2005.

My heart would race each time a new client would call.

I loved what I was doing. We had big dreams.


We live in Chelsea not too far from another great Indian restaurant.

I quit smoking....sort of.

I drink red wine.

I still have my Lucci’s and (well maybe a pair or two of Guccis;)

Stanley is 15.

Ryan and I are married for 17 years.

Gala (our miracle of all miracles) is almost 2.

My nights are still restless (actually writing this at 4am), our days are still long, our weekends however 

NOT so epic (unless of course you think watching the whole first season of This Is Us is epic).

We have a REAL office filled with people we love! 

I remember all their first days…And remember falling in love with each and everyone of them for their unique talented and passion that they brought to our company.

I remember Michele believing we could be better and bigger and having the determination and talent to see it through. 

I remember Ryan Brown calm, steadiness and professionalism that I still rely on every day.

My heart still races when new clients call.

I still love what I’m doing and I still have big dreams.

Today, I remember something my Father repeated many time throughout my childhood, “If you do what you love, your heart will sing”. 

Today my heart is singing, dancing, drinking a Cosmo and smoking a cigarette. I am SO proud to say today WE (my MGCE Family) celebrate 12 YEARS in business!!!

OH and I still have the artichoke card…..always have, always will 

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