While most of these blog posts will be new....I'm pulling some from my old blog...yes, the one that only my mom, sister and best friend "said" they read. I found this one, this morning and it still makes me smile and hopefully explains to you why there may be many Monkees (in addition The Jerk and Arthur) references in my furture posts. Once a believer, always a believer. Happy Sunday! Love, Mary

(July 20, 2011)

Today, I find myself suffering from Jack Nicholson’s dilemma in The Shining, as all I can write is MONKEES MONKEES MONKEES MONKEES MONKEES MONKEES.

Yes, I have lost my mind, but while doing so I realized a couple of great things.

Quick time travel…..

1986, Michelle Chin invited me over for a sleepover. Our plan was to stay up all night, so we stocked up on Pepsi and M&M’s....yup, we were real badass. While flicking through the TV stations to find a scary movie or something we shouldn’t be watching, we stumbled upon MTV that was showing a

Monkees Marathon.

The Monkees? Who were these silly men and why were they on MTV? They were from another time, they looked different, they said things like "groovy", "right on" and "dig it", they were like nothing like I had seen before and I was mesmerized.

What truly grabbed my attention that night, was a video of Micky Dolenz singing a song called “Goin Down”. I loved how quickly he sang the lyrics and the video was so cool and psychedelic (a word I did not yet know). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URb8h4dLKps

Well, my slumber party pal Michelle, only made it one liter of Pepsi and 10 episodes into the night, but not me! I stayed up ALL night watching intensely and when my mother picked me up the next morning in her yellow Cougar (yes, my mother drove a car named a Cougar), I was forever changed. The Monkees would be my EVERYTHING for…well…..the next thirty years!

And while it was supremely UNCOOL in 1986 to pledge allegiance to The Monkees, I did not give into peer pressure and hang posters of Bon Jovi or George Michael on my locker just to fit in, instead, I wore my Monkees love with pride and remained a loyal fan…no matter how odd people thought I was and still do.

Thankfully, I found a great pal who shared my joy; Lara Gad who not only shared my loved for these four men from another generation, but truly believed me when I told her, “Lara, one day I am going to sing Goin Down for Micky Dolenz”. She even encouraged me to perform it in her bedroom and cheered for me when I got the dance steps down perfectly.

Side note....Micky Dolenz would also end up being my first crush. Yes, a deep and painful crush that prompted me to ask my father the question, “Is it possible to die from a broken heart?” while driving home from my first Monkees concert at Jones Beach clutching my chest.

Fortunately, I did not die and my burning crush subsided once I discovered real boys and allowed myself to like music other than the Monkees. I even went on to be quite a functioning member of society, graduating college, falling in love (for real), getting married and started a career.

And while life goes on, the Monkees remain with me, always tucked neatly in a special place in my heart. I am very lucky that by just turning on a song, I am able to travel back to a time in my youth filled with so much happiness and discovery. We all have a little Monkees in our heart, and I urge you to take some time out of your busy adult life and travel back to that place that makes you smile. Find your freak and let it fly.

Going down

Well folks, this past Thursday at The Beacon Theater in front of 3,500 people (coincidentially with my dearest friend Lee Blumer who worked for The Monkees in 1968), that little dream I shared with Lara Gad in her room in 1986 (yup the one where I said, I was gonna dance for Micky!) came true. See below the 35 year old girl in the front row, with the hat, at around :30 in, letting her freak FLY!

Ok and if you really want a recipe today. Here's a great one for Monkey Bread from The Pinonner Woman. Enjoy!

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